My little garden of beads,                                                    where all of my flowers grow.

My little bead shop bloomed on the 13th of April 2008.

I think I have always had a love for beads. My mum once took my brother and I into a little indie craft store. We selected a few beads from the old man’s ray of colours and story told. I knew from a very young age, I loved beads and all things colourful!

I am self employed, although I do work part-time at a grocery store... Most of the time I am working solo on my Etsy shop selling Premium Czech glass beads.

Coming from a business minded family, I have always wanted to sell or have a small business. I have always had a love for beads, rainbows and everything shiny and colourful. I love to take photos of my beads as if they were picked from nature. I don't want people to feel like I'm your average bead store. I want my customers to be inspired by my photos which may reflect in their own creative process.

I love searching for unique and affordable Czech glass beads, which aren't always available here in Australia. For more information about my beads you can contact me via Etsy or send an email to rhiannon [!at] zoeandbruno.com.


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